26.11.2005. - 12.11.2007.



I chose Lena from 7 females on the first week of February in 2006 at the Vandabanda Kennel (thank's for the breeder, Zsuzsa Bako). She was a very active and attentive puppy so we get in harmony very quickly. She gave me lots of experience in her short life. I went to my first show with her, she was the one who gave me company on the first hunting and when I went out to the Orci lake she was always beside me. For me she was THE HUNGARIAN VIZSLA.

We miss her a lot. Miss her morning kisses, her plays, her silly runs, her love, her attention, her warm body in my bed, her company, her friendship, we miss her as a daughter of mine and a sister of my son. We'll never forget you, Little Girl!